When people think of technical writing, they often think of a scientist or engineer who needs to communicate what they do. However, technical writing is much broader than one field or discipline. In fact, most businesses use some form of technical writing. In the broadest sense of the term, technical writing just explains. Technical writers can write manuals for salespeople, directions or help instructions, or tutorials.

At Applied Development, our technical writers provide services like strategic research and analysis in the creation of written documents. Here are four reasons your business may need technical writing. 

Your business is complex, but you need to make sure everyone understands it

As the fourth industrial revolution moves forward, the presence of technology grows in our lives. This means that more and more companies rely on some sort of technology to do businesses. These companies have to explain how they do businesses not just to shareholders, but to consumers as well. Technical writing can mean writing a manual for employees or customers. It can also mean explaining how a technology works for investors, who may not be experts. A technical writer provides clear writing without losing the important technical aspects. 

Technical experts don’t have time to write. 

Often times, technical and subject-matter experts don’t actually have the time to write about what they are doing. In an office, you can image that they need to spend time implementing and planning programs. Although they might have time to outline or explain how they do their work, creating a cohesive written document that’s easy to read is a much larger task. Employing a technical writing expert allows the subject matter experts to do their important work, while the writing still gets done. 

Technical writing can make work easier in the future. 

Often, technical writing involves outlining steps and processes. This writing is clear and organized, so that the reader knows how to complete a task or procedure. When this writing is clear, concise, and organized, it will save you and your company time in the future. Imagine a self-directed training manual for an employee.

A good technical writer provides clear instruction, so the reader immediately understands the tasks and procedures. Furthermore, the reader will be able to quickly follow the guide. This means that the employee can be fully self-directed with the manual and complete the training quickly, for example. 

You don’t need a full-time technical writer. 

One reason businesses may need a technical writer is because they don’t actually need a full-time technical writer. A special or short-term project in your office may require an expert writer. However, you won’t need that person after the project is over.

While some business owners are tempted to find someone in the office who can complete the project, hiring a contract technical writer often provides a better solution. Because your employees are not technical writers and may not have the time to write the document, you will want to hire a part-time or contract writer. 

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